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The Last Cold Light 

This series of paintings were based on memories from a visit to a cabin in a mountain region in Norway. Painted without any use of photographic aids or sketches, they represent the act of trying to hold on to a recollection of light.

These paintings also formed the starting point for an artist book. Each image was carefully photographed and edited to correctly render the original colour palette, before being printed on a textured matte archival paper which gives each print a material presence on the page. These were placed together with poetry written in my native language Norwegian, creating a narrative that takes us from sunrise to moonlit night. The book was created using acid free materials, giving it an excellent longevity. Every part was trimmed and put together by hand, using traditional bookbinding techniques. It measures 15,6 cm square, and is available in a limited edition of 20 copies, selling at NOK 950,- (£90) plus shipping. 

The Silent Cascade

Abstractions of light shifting across a space, these paintings were based on observations of light entering a cardboard box through a slit. 


In these paintings, light is captured in a box constructed from pieces of wood found in the area around my studio. It slips through gaps and holes in the makeshift construction, composing ambiguous images in which there is no right “up” or “down”.